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Fluores Verdelia

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Fluores Verdelia Empty Fluores Verdelia

Post by TheFoxWithout Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:00 pm

Name: Fluores Verdalia. (Basically an altered Fluorescent Green/Verde)


Species and Gender: Half-Faunus(Cat on her mother's side)Female, Human genes dominant.

Symbol: Bright Green Smiling cat face, very simplified.  Literally this, except curved on the mouth.

     ^     ^
==  '      '  ==

Occupation: First Year Student, Beacon




-Eyes: Lime Green.Eyes have a slightly upward slanted angle to them.

-Skin color: Fairly pale due to sticking inside most of her free time, tinkering on some new object of interest.

-Face: Her eyes are what draw in most people, usually alert and examining whatever has caught her attention for the moment. A small nose precariously holds a pair of glasses on her face. Very little make up is ever applied, save for formal events.

-Hair: Wears long to hide her ears, or lack thereof. Neon Green, gradually fading about mid back and becoming white at the end. For this reason rarely wears her hair back.

-Physique: Fluores has a lean build. She is mostly leg. Small hint of muscle. C-cup.

-(Type of) Outfit:Wears an open knee length lab coat with the Atlesian Military symbol emblazoned on the right breast pocket. She has modified it slightly to split the coats tail up to her waist, allowing her own to come through the split. Floures normally wears a pair of black shorts,along with lime green kneesocks, the material seeming to be durable yet elastic. Fingerless elbow length gloves made from a durable fabric black as well. Both the knee socks and the gloves have what seem to be various strands of thread that shimmer when the light hits it just right as a result of her weapon being integrated into them. A white tank top with her symbol upon it.She wears an array of various bracelets on her left arm.She wears a pair of small rectangular glasses, the frames are a lime green, and the earpieces being white. She wears a necklace on a simple chain with a bell charm. A simple pair of black flats completes the outfit, the whole thing geared towards comfort rather than fashion.

When wearing the Beacon Uniform, she still wears her lab coat.

-Gadgets (if any):Has hard light hairband with 2 triangular metal frames that creates a pair of slightly translucent Neon Green cat ears, as well as a dull grey belt with a long knee length side extending from behind her, creating a highly flexible slightly translucent  Neon Green tail. She can change the form of these by selecting a default setting that she's programmed, or a completely new one after a few days of writing new code for the form, though nothing too far from the base frames. They have been programmed to respond to her brainwaves and will move and react in line with her own subconscious.

These serve to basically replace her hearing and offset her disability. Tail is used to help correct her balance as a lack of an inner ear has made her equilibrium sketchy at best. They started out rather utilitarian in the beginning, made by her father, but as she grew older she began tinkering with them, stylizing and upgrading them. While they allow for a higher hearing sensitivity and increased sense of balance than normal, she is effectively crippled without them, not having needed to survive without them for years.They are currently on Mark VIII

History:Fluores was born to a Jasmine and Glade Verdelia, a Huntress and Atlesian Military Researcher respectively. Fluores had the misfortune to be the victim of a genetic deformity known as anotia at birth, her ears (human) having not formed. For the first formative years of her life, she lived in a world of silence, unable to even hear her own name, as well as having been unable to stand on her own till she was three due to her lack of an inner ear effectively crippling her sense of balance. Through years of trial and error, her father spent any time away from work trying to find a way to help his daughter, writing code after code in an attempt to recreate a sense of hearing. It wasn't until she was 4 that her father finally finished the Mark I, the world seemed to open up to Fluores. Glade had taken an abandoned project he'd worked on early in his career, meant to enhance soldiers perception of the battlefield, developed to counter the natural abilities of many Faunus during the Faunus rebellions. While it had been scrapped, being deemed to cost heavy for mass use, Glade was how it may be modified to correct his daughters disability.

Fluores's was largely raised by her father, her mother often gone, the life of a Huntress necessitating she be gone more often than not. However when her mother was home, Floures was regaled as she acted out tales of facing down hordes of the incoming Grimm, tales surely exaggerated, but Fluores are them up with gusto, always excited to hear the new tales her mother might have brought back. While her mother was away, her father found he could not always be there should something happen to her equipment, and began teaching her early on how to make small repairs to them, finding his daughter to be a quick learner. After a few years, she had found she took to the maintence and repair rather quickly, soon outpacing her father on upgrading the equipment as she was able to put her full attention to the gear that she relied so heavily upon. It wasn't long till she had her own little workshop set up in the family garage, steadily improving on the original design and stylizing to make them uniquely her own.

Fluores setteled it early in her mind to follow in the steps of her mother, attending a battle school in Atlas in hopes to see the places her mother had told her about. Dreams of Jasmine’s tales of fighting off the Grimm, bringing down rings of criminals, and guarding fledgling towns all stirred in her heart as she went from one grade to the other. Unfortunately she was brought a rude awakening to the other side of being a Hunter.

When Fluores was 17, she came home to find her father dishelved. While on a mission in Vale, her mother had simply disappeared while on a mission. She had told Fluores it was a simple recon mission on the outskirts of Vale, to scout out Grimm growth in the area, but she’d not reported in nearly two weeks.

Unwilling to simply accept her mother's disappearance at face value, she has decided to try and find some kind of connection with her mother. After graduating from battle school, she decided on Beacon to finish her training. Fluores hopes that through some proximity to where her mother vanished, she might find a clue. If anything, it was a comfort to be walking the same path Jasmine did, finishing her training at the same school.

Personality:  If one were to describe Fluores in a single word, Curious would probably be the first to come to mind, though lazy (”Efficient!”) would be following closely behind. Fluores holds an almost uncontrollable urge to know, always taking things apart and examining them down to their core, both metaphorically and literally when possible. This can sometimes cause her to become unaware of boundaries, though she is rather self conscious of this should someone bring attention to her odd ways. This trait is amplified immensely should her equipment become damaged or unusable at anytime, becoming highly anxious and prone to stress, her reliance on it having made them into a kind of security blanket of sorts.

-Likes: Dancing, Coding, Tinkering

-Dislikes: Self conscious about her “ears”, preferring people not see if possible.

Aura and Semblance:Her aura is Neon Green, with a pulsing ring of white traveling from the bottom up. The pulse of white speeds up when her aura is used more liberally, the frequency a good indicator I how fast she may be burning through it.

-Name: Reach

-Short Description: Can basically increase the length of her reach through a phantasmal hand that extends from her arms, mimicking her arms motion.Depending on the weight and stability of the item, she can either throw or retrieve it, with solid items like buildings/Trees/Large Grimm instead pulling her along. Can extend up to 50ft. When used while her guantlets act as a dust foci, her hands may take on the properties of the dust. Tends to use mainly Gravity dust and Lightning dust. She will often use it to zip about the battle field, landing anything from a glancing good a clothes line if she's feeling dramatic as she zips around.

Each use expends about 2% of her aura, with anything more than quick actions causing a contious strain per second.

-Activation Cue: An aural copy of her arm appears, extending from there, though a stream(tether, line?) of aura connects it to her, only the hand can interact with objects.

Combat Behavior:Sometimes looking more like a gymnast or
a circus performer than a combatant, Fluores clots here and there while fighting, always staying on the move, attacking either when there's an opening or when trying to force her opponent to make a mistake. Fluores tend to make heavy use of her semblance in battle, trying to trip up her opponent, pulling herself quickly away from danger, flinging debris at them to throw the off. Being a slight girl, she can take a few hits using her aura to dampen the blow, but once that's low a good solid hit will take her down. Due to her dependence on her mechanical ears and tail, she is literally crippled should something happen to these. As well hindering her physically, Fluores will become quite anxious and panicky, losing her composure easily.


Name: Party Animal

Primary Form: Neon Green Hardlight formed beast like claws on both her arms and legs, forming gauntlets reaching up to her elbows and greaves covering her knees. These are emitted from circuitry and hardware running from her gloves and kneesocks. She can use the hardened photons themselves to send out bursts of beams for distance attacks, but after a few shots the limbs will need a few seconds to reform, leaving her weaponless for a short time. These blast are effective up to mid-range, quickly losing there stability much fsrther after that point.

Dust Functions:

Floures carries around raw crystals of dust, generally a cheaper form of dust rather than the refined stuff used for most weapons. Able to easily apply them by simply holding them between her claws and the hardlight energy absorbing the dust energy itself into it for a few minutes. Can also be used as a foci for her semblance, allowing her hands to take th attributed of the dust imbued.

Gravity Dust:

         Party Animal-Allows her to either increase or decrease her own weight.

         Reach-Allows her to increase or decrease the weight of whatever she holds in her "hands."

Lightening Dust:

         Party animal-adds shock damage to her attacks, as well as tripleing the times she can use its ranger functions before needing to reform them.

         Reach- Vastly increases the speed that her "hands" move, as well as the speed that pull either her or her target, becoming hard for one to follow with their eyes. This use does effectively move aura use up to 5% per use.


Created shortly after the atlesian battle school, integrating the tech she had used for her correctional equipment. While starting off as a pair of simple three blades claws, she has since almost made them a part of her own body, able to flow and follow her hand and legs fluidly now. She plans to create an entire suit, but is having trouble making a practical energy generator for the design.


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