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Lucille Raine, The Nightmare's Wrath

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Lucille Raine, The Nightmare's Wrath  Empty Lucille Raine, The Nightmare's Wrath

Post by Drae Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:43 pm

Name: Lucille Avarai Raine | Onyx Felstar
Gender: Female
Race: Arctic Fox Faunus
Age: 21
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: White | Black
Height: 5' 9"
Grade: Fourth Year
Occupation: Student | White Fang Officer
Le Face Claim

(Face Claim: Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa)

As standard, Lucy's appearance copies that of the image above, with the obvious additions of her twin white fox ears.

When in Flux Stance, her hair and ears turn black, and her eyes turn slightly crimson- to the extent her eye color shifts from purple to magenta.

The outfit she wears is mostly consistent, though while under her "Onyx" (Flux Stance) persona she tends to opt for a plain t-shirt and jeans rather than her standard outfit, so long as she isn't on-duty.


"Don't make me hurt you. Because I will. Gladly."

Lucy's personality varies significantly based on where she is, and who she is. While at Beacon, and arguably herself (Lucille), Lucy's demeanor is more calm and reserved. She dislikes drama, and has a tendency to avoid arguments between social cliques and individuals whenever possible. She keeps to herself for the most part, watching and observing when possible and more often than not being lost in a book.

While under the watchful gaze of the White Fang (as Onyx), Lucy becomes far more... brutal. In truth, this is the girl under no constraints, and the true Lucille if there ever was one. Violent to a T, Onyx derives joy in watching those against her suffer, though still maintains the calm of her Beacon self if at least part of the time.

History: Over the last four years Lucy's life has taken a turn for what some may call "the worst". Picked up by the White Fang within her first year at the school, Lucy quickly proved that she was capable- and cold-hearted- enough to perform whatever tasks were set out in front of her. Over three dozen missions and four years later, she holds one of the most powerful positions within the White Fang, and acts as one set of eyes and ears for the White Fang within Beacon.

Now, she has her most daring and influential mission yet: Take down Beacon Academy.

Time will tell if she succeeds, or if there are those who will bravely stand against her.

Semblance: Aura Conduit / Aura Flux

Lucy has the innate ability to absorb and redirect aura by using her body as a sort of conduit, or 'bridge'. Using this ability, she can create defensive barriers using the aura of herself or her allies. She must touch an individual to utilize their aura, and if she uses another's aura for a barrier, her Aura is drained instead. If Lucy is in Flux Stance, her hair returns to white.

Conversely, Lucy can use her abilities to create weapons and other offensive objects. Using this part of her semblance causes her to enter "Flux Stance", and causes her hair to shift in color to black. Those who only know her from Beacon are largely unaware that she is able to do this, as she utilizes the hair color shift to hide her identity while on White Fang operations. The fur of her ears also follows this shift in color.

Weapon Name: Death's Embrace

Weapon Appearance: Death's Embrace, or Dembra, is a rather long and rather intricately designed katana. The blade is little over three feet in length, with small indents along the back half of the blade that are sharpened just as much as the blade itself. The hilt isn't very ornate- standard leather wrappings and et cetera- but hidden below the crossguard is a small carving of the White Fang insignia, and an Onyx gem above the crossguard where the blade meets the handle. When drawn, the Fire Dust-lined interior of the blade's sheath give it a flaming effect as it comes out, and trails of flame follow the blade's path for the next few minutes after.

Weapon History: Dembra was given to Lucy upon her acceptance into the Officer ranks of the White Fang. As one would expect, it is a blade just as renowned as its owner, and is sole proof of Lucy's ranking.

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Lucille Raine, The Nightmare's Wrath  Empty Re: Lucille Raine, The Nightmare's Wrath

Post by Paige weaver Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:51 pm

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