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Tiru Turcaid, the Marbled Blue Fox

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Tiru Turcaid, the Marbled Blue Fox Empty Tiru Turcaid, the Marbled Blue Fox

Post by Quinn The Fox Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:29 pm

Name: Tiru Turcaid
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus (Blue Marble Fox)
Age: 17
Eye color: An Ocean Mix of Teal and Turquoise
Hair color: An intricate mix of white and black hair in thick and very distinctive locks.
Height: 5'3"
Grade: First Year
Standing at a measly 5'2", Tiru isn't very impressive in stature, though seems to have an incredible balance and center of gravity for her size. She wears wide-brimmed square glasses and has thick but short oreo-colored locked running down her head and cutting short just under her vixen-like ears. Fair skinned with her oddly blue-green eyes, with a matching black tipped white tail to boot, its quite obvious that the girl is far from human.
Naturally lazy by nature, Tiru has always had inclination to do as little work as possible. Even schoolwork was a subject to this, arriving as a first year student of Signal Academy after easily passing her previous classes through talent and raw skill and memory alone. She's often able to get away with this, her hobbies including sleeping, listening to music, playing games such as Mahjong and Solitaire, and, with this being one of the few things she's actually seen to ever put any actual effort into, drawing and painting. She has no aspirations to live remarkably, neither planning to be noticed by doing remarkably good nor bad, and planning to live out her life as unremarkable as a huntress' life would be, striving to do so only for the sake of doing something interesting and unusual. When faced with conflict, Tiru will usually express disinterest, and either pretend to be disposed or outright say she does not want to do whatever it is.

Although she may consider herself the number one bystander, Tiru has a surprisingly strong moral compass, and a vehement dedication to her friends. This earns her friendships that reign strong and true, as she often looks past the visible faults to find the value in a person. These traits may manifest her into a different person later on, but right now the young vixen spends her time lazing about, even in the middle of classes.

Tiru was born and raised in a remarkably normal house with a remarkably normal lifestyle. Though she was a bot wealthier than most, she was still considered middle class, and lived her life pretty uneventfully. Her knack and passion for drawing bloomed early, causing her to become quite skilled later in life. Out of the lack of excitement except for the occasional cross world vacation, she set out on a path of the hunters of Grimm, and though chose this for herself, remains seemingly unenthused by it.

With her ability to quickly learn, she caught up and even surpassed most of her classmates in study and battle, discovering her semblance during one of the more difficult sparring against a petty rival that she's long since forgotten, and even though laid back and leisurely, has carried her own weapon ever since she personally built it, an achievement of her own admiration. While most would be ecstatic to be accepted into Signal, Tiru remained as disinterested as ever.

Semblance: Unknown.

Weapon Appearance and Description:

Name: Equity's Guard
Equity's Guard is nothing short of a large pair of dark teal and black dancing fans that not only collapse and extend but can attach together to make one large uniform weapon. The edges of Equity are sharp and precise, perfect for slashing at opponents while the broadside is surprisingly effective for deflecting blows, something that it seems to excel in rather than deal damage, but not to say it isn't proficient in doing so. In the skeletal structure of the fans hide bolt-action springs that act much like artificial blow darts, which fire upon the rotation of the weapon's swing and a pull of a trigger at the hilt of Equity's Guard, though since the fan, or fans depending on the fighting style at the time, is heavy duty and more built for blocking, these ranged pins are relatively weak compared to others, but it is a small price to pay for the shield and blade that is Equity.

Weapon History:

Equity's Guard was, like almost every other student's designed and crafted by Tiru herself. The woman cares deeply for this weapon in response, taking great pride in keeping up in its repair and well-being. The weapon itself was designed to keep in mind of her mother's heritage for love of dancing fans and her father's heritage that the "Turcaid" color represented healing, wealth and protection.

Quinn The Fox

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Tiru Turcaid, the Marbled Blue Fox Empty Re: Tiru Turcaid, the Marbled Blue Fox

Post by Paige weaver Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:33 pm

Paige weaver
Paige weaver

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